Employer Engagement Process


Employers are often faced with On-the-Job Training (OJT) regardless of who or where they recruit employees. This is due to the fast pace of changing technologies and the unique specificity of their workplace tasks. 

Most employers agree that OJT is an effective way to transfer knowledge and skills across an organization. This strategy can return a workforce qualified to satisfy production requirements. This is nothing new to employers, as most organizations have some form of OJT, whether formal or informal. 

However, most employers struggle with OJT and are constantly searching for solutions. These employers soon realize a decision to train on the job is not a solution without Know-How.

Another reality that most employers realize is their expertise in producing their products and services does not necessarily mean they are experts at training.

Even after accepting these realities, employers are often challenged with cultural change… overcoming the biases of traditional approaches to OJT.

By working with employers throughout the country, NIMS has developed an Employer Engagement Process (EEP) to resolve these age-old struggles. We often hear the phrase “Train-the-Trainer”... EEP is about “Train-the-Employer”.

We train employers by taking them on a five-step journey. Each step within our process has a fork in the road to end their journey with a positive Return-On-Investment. The distance is up you!


Five-Step Journey

Step 1: Familiarize

NIMS has identified seven (7) Training Principles, which are universal and timeless constants associated with On-the-Job Training (OJT). These principles are further broken down into 56 training behaviors used to hold true to your principles. Read our training guidebook, Ultimate Guide to Enhancing your Training Program, to familiarize yourself with these universal training principles and behaviors.

Step 2: Discover

Have your training team take our online self-evaluation to discover their training principles. The results will return individual perspectives of the organization’s current behaviors and compare them against perceived principles. Contact NIMS for the link to the self-evaluation after you have reviewed the guidebook.

Step 3: Analyze

Participate in a training session with NIMS to analyze the results of your self-evaluations. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) will bring clarity to disparity between all respondents of the self-evaluation. Participants will learn life changing knowledge and methods for effective OJT. This session will return a comprehensive needs-analysis and Training Playbook the organization can use to enhance their training program.

Step 4: Enhance

NIMS will show you how to enhance your training by doing it for you. Our SMEs will facilitate a series of working sessions with technical workgroups established by your organization to organize training for your most challenging role. This will empower your organization to grab the baton.

Step 5: Recognition

NIMS will work with your organization to develop a plan to formally recognize all stakeholders for meeting desired performance.

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