Smart Training Solutions Integration

The new economy continues to demand more skilled workers to remain globally competitive. To meet this demand, educational institutes are heavily focused on technical skills training.

Governments respond to this reality by investing millions of dollars to update the infrastructure of these institutes. Access to funding is regulated through accreditation and industry-recognized credentials. This results in a significant rise in new and updated training facilities, accredited programs, and credentialed workers across the country.

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At first glance, it seems like we are moving in the right direction. But despite these efforts… there is still a huge gap between the skills employers need and the outcomes of training. This is partially due to overlaying outdated and static training frameworks on top of advanced technologies. In other words, we updated our training facilities and equipment without updating the way we train.

Smart Training Solutions (STS) is an innovative framework for modernizing training to keep up with an ever-changing economy, where technology changes what we do exponentially in the workplace.

This training is beneficial for instructors seeking to learn how to integrate STS into their programs. Instructors will learn how to unbiasedly established performance standards; reliably validate against these standards; and determine ideal training principles and behaviors required for effective training. In addition, instructors have an opportunity to earn their choice of industry-recognized credentials.

Training topics include:

  • How to structure a training program
  • Increasing the usage and utility of performance standards
  • Performance measure development process
  • How to measure program performance
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