NIMS credentials are earned by students, trainees, apprentices, employees, and military personnel nationwide and around the world. By earning NIMS credentials, these individuals secure a competitive edge when applying for jobs because they have demonstrated that their skills meet the industry established standards. And NIMS credentials never expire.

Take a look at the credentials NIMS offers or download a printer-friendly list.

Interested in hosting NIMS testing? Employers, schools, and colleges can now schedule a free, one-on-one credentialing consultation with a NIMS expert.

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Are you ready to be a candidate?

Candidates are individuals who earn NIMS credentials. Candidates can be students, teachers, employees, trainees, trainers, apprentices, military service men and women, and beyond.

Check out the process of earning a NIMS credential.

Do you represent an employer?

NIMS credentials are the HR solution that you have been looking for. Use NIMS credentials as a basis for recruiting, hiring, placement and promotion, all to ensure that you are getting the best job candidates out there. See the benefits of credentialing in the workplace.

Want to take it a step further? Start training and credentialing your existing workforce. Check out our On-the-Job Training System, which provides a systematic and rigorous framework that your company can use to dramatically improve the quality of its internal training. See other training workshops.

Are you an instructor at a school or college?

NIMS credentials set the baseline for your curriculum, provide a method of measuring instructor quality, and enable your students to work towards a national, industry-recognized achievement. Plus, credentials are a foundation for articulating experience into college credit and into apprenticeships.

Students can begin earning credentials any time. Instructor credentials are not required, nor are site inspections. Check out the process of earning a NIMS credential to get started.

"By credentialing our workforce, we really know what they can do. We can easily move people between job functions—from production and R&D and other subdivisions—and create a more agile workforce.”

Greg Chambers, Director of Compliance, Oberg Industries, Inc.

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What is the Inspector credential?

The Inspector credential validates knowledge of GDT and general measurement & inspection. Individuals who earn this credential will be able to inspect their students’ parts for performance validation in earning NIMS credentials. Click the colored bar above to read more about cost and study materials.
Last Updated: 08/27/2019