Credentialing Fees

One-Year Test Subscriptions

One-year subscriptions will be available for fixed prices, with discounts available based on the number of users. Subscriptions will expire one year after purchase and will need to be renewed.  Extensions will be available for an additional cost. Custom combinations are available upon request.

Subscription Price Number of Tests Included
Entry Level (Machining I and Metalforming I) $125 12 (Credential List)
ITM - Smart Credentials $125 7 (Credential List)
Entry Level (ITM I) $125 9 (Credential List)
Entry Level (CAM I) $110 2 (Credential List)
Advanced Level (All Level II and III) $175 30 (Credential List)
Combo: CAM I + Entry Level Machining $175 2 (+12)

Two attempts per theory test will automatically be added to the candidate's account. Additional attempts can be unlocked by NIMS staff after 60 days for all subscription purchases.

Note: Subscription pricing does not apply to the purchase of OJT Trainer, OJT Senior Trainer, OJT Training Coordinator, and Inspector.  Assessments for all OJT credentials must be purchased individually as test passes and separately from bulk credentialing purchases.

Test Passes

Candidates who wish to test for only one or two credentials will now purchase one- or two-test passes, valid for one calendar year. One retake is included for the one or two tests selected.

Entry Level (Smart Credentials and Level I)

Test Pass Price
One Test $80
Two Tests $110

Advanced Level (Level II and III)

Test Pass Price
One Test $95
Two Tests $125

If you include an advanced level test in a two-test pass order, you will be charged the advanced level two-test pass price. Please select only entry level tests for the entry level two-test pass price.

Professional Exams

For all NIMS exams intended for trainers and instructors, the purchases must be made as individual test pass purchases. A purchase of the Inspector test includes one free retake within one year from the original purchase date. OJT tests should only be purchased as part of an OJT workshop.

Professional Level (Credential Descriptions)

Test Name Price
Inspector $189
OJT (Trainer, Senior Trainer, or Training Coordinator) $129
    20% discount on test fees for select programs

    Payment Options

    NIMS makes available three payment options to accommodate individuals, manufacturing companies, and schools that host testing activities:

    Pay As You Go

    Payments can be made online before testing. Simply have a credit card available and enter required information at the point of purchase. Receipts are automatically emailed to the user completing the transaction.

    Prepay For Account Code

    If multiple registration and/or test fees are anticipated, you may calculate your entire anticipated spending and then prepay. Here's how:

    1. Use the Subscription Cost Calculator to determine your total spending.
    2. Send payment to NIMS via purchase order, check, or call to pay by credit card:
      • Upload a purchase order. A NIMS rep will send an email to you when processing is complete; typically within 48 hours.
      • Mail a check to NIMS at 10565 Fairfax Boulevard, Suite 10, Fairfax, VA 22030. A NIMS rep will be in contact when the check is received and processed. When paying by check, always allow extra time for the check to be mailed and delivered.
      • Call NIMS at (703) 352-4971 to pay with a credit card. A NIMS rep will provide a receipt and account code by phone.
    3. Start testing!

    Volume Pricing

    Any credentialing subscription order for a minimum of 50 users or more at one time is eligible for the volume pricing below. Up to 50 additional user seats can be added at the discounted price within the first six months after the original purchase date.

    Subscription Price for 50 Users Price Per User 51+
    Entry Level (Machining I and Metalforming I) $5,500 $10
    ITM - Smart Credentials $5,500 $10
    Entry Level (ITM I) $5,500 $10
    Entry Level (CAM I) $4,400 $10
    Advanced Level (All Level II and III) $6,500 $15
    Combo: CAM I + Entry Level Machining $6,500 $15

    NIMS no longer offers new 1-Year Credentialing/Unlimited Flat Rate plans.  Volume and bulk discounted prices will be available to high volume testing locations per the above discount structure. For super users with high volume, please contact NIMS for a price quote.

    Paper Tests

    Paper versions of online theory tests may be requested if available for those who are unable or not permitted to use computers with internet connections. The test must first be purchased on the candidate account. There will be a $70 processing fee per candidate per request.

    Please note: NIMS no longer offers a paper testing option for the Measurement, Materials and Safety test due to recent updates to the formatting of test questions. NIMS is able to accommodate special requests for extended test time upon request. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

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