Credentialing Benefits

Professional Success for Individuals

A NIMS credential clearly demonstrates that the credential holder met the industry benchmark for that occupational competency. This provides the individual with a competitive edge while job hunting, while the demonstration of skills can equate to a promotion or raise for incumbent workers. Plus, individuals can amass national, industry-recognized skills validations while completing apprenticeships or other formalized training programs.

Talent Management for Employers

Credentials remove the guesswork from the human resource process. Employers use credentials as a basis for recruiting, hiring, placement and promotion. The NIMS credentials may serve as the benchmarks in apprenticeships, while the NIMS standards set the baseline for the entire apprenticeship curriculum. 

Employers can also use the Network Map to locate a nearby NIMS Testing Location and connect with certified, work-ready individuals.

Industry Validation for Education Programs

Schools, education centers, and colleges use NIMS skills standards to align curriculum to industry practices and rely on NIMS credentials as an industry-recognized validation of student comprehension and instructional quality.

Education settings often use NIMS credentials as the basis for articulation, ensuring that students receive college credit for each credential earned.

"We have a CNC Machinist training program called the Uniquely Abled Academy for individuals with high-functioning autism. Thanks to the NIMS credentials integrated into our curriculum, our first cohort achieved 100% career placement.

Mike Bastine, Director - Uniquely Abled Academy, College of the Canyons