Performance Measures

What is a Performance Measure?

A collection of resources and digital tools that identify key metrics required for true validation of performance.

What are the Key Features of a Performance Measure?

  • Performance Agreement (PA): Scope and limitation of a Performance Measure (PM) agreed upon by all stakeholders (trainees, trainers, organizations)
  • Delivery: All resources required for an organizer to administer the Project
  • Project: All resources provided to the trainee to satisfy the PM
  • Reproduction: All resources for a project organizer to manufacture unique components that are required for project delivery, but are not readily available for purchase
  • Data: All observable (measured) features of the PM (e.g. control, tolerance, mark, etc.)
  • Reports: Documents charting and graphing information about performance at all stakeholder levels

Benefits of Using PMs

  • Personalize performance validation to job role
  • Addresses required performance, not specific part features
  • Relevant to local employer needs
  • Employers sharing their true performance needs within local education organizations
  • Stakeholders having a wide range of performance measuring gauges to clearly identify gaps and benchmark against other populations