On-the-Job Trainer

Employers often associate the best trainers with their technical skills. Technical skills refer to skills required to perform workplaces tasks. These skills usually carry the greatest weight in determining if an employee is qualified to train others.

However, training is usually less effective when trainers are not polished with training skills. Training skills refer to skills employees require to transfer their knowledge to others, e.g., communication, coaching, and adult learning principles.

Moreover, training is more effective when the organization adopts a standard methodology for delivering training. This refers to having a systematic way to carryout training.

Convert your industry experts into expert trainers with our interactive and fun training!

This training is beneficial to businesses of any size and from any industry. No previous experience is necessary. Participants will cap off their training by testing for the NIMS nationally-recognized, portable OJT Trainer credential.

Training can be delivered at your location; at NIMS training-center in Fairfax Virginia; or online.

Training topics include:

  • Training methodology
  • Communications
  • Coaching
  • Adult Learning Principles
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Customer Feedback

Over the last thirty years, we at Methods have sent a hundred trainers out to our customers. Attending this workshop gave me the insight as to how Methods can improve our internal training. We now have the tools and the methodology to train our staff of trainers to more effectively serve our customers. —Rich Casey, Methods Machine Tool