Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing

Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GDT) is an international standard with symbols to describe parts in a language that is clearly understood by manufacturers.

This language is mathematical in nature and requires a unique set of knowledge and skills to interpret and apply in the workplace.

Most organizations struggle with learning and transferring GDT knowledge and skills. This is due to not recognizing that GDT is a language.

Consider how we learned our native language. We learned without effort or formal teaching. The acquisition of our 1st language just happens through interaction.

Now consider the challenges of learning a 2nd language. We think in our native language to understand how to interpret and speak in other languages. This reality is a major reason why most organizations struggle with GDT.

Most people are exposed to print reading with parts annotated with limit dimensioning and all its flaws. Lessons in limit dimensioning are further applied in engineering or manufacturing activities. After gaining experiences in workplace activities with limit dimensioning, learners are then exposed to GDT. This traditional approach usually results in limit dimensioning being the 1st language and GDT being the 2nd. Hence… most struggle with GDT.

NIMS uses a new approach called “Weaving”. Weaving is a wax on wax off process that embeds GDT across all lines of communication without formal coursework. This changes your culture of learning and empowers your organization to master the utility of GDT. Our GDT training will show your team how to make GDT your 1st language.

Training topics include:

  • Introduction to Weaving
  • 1st vs 2nd Language Exercise
  • How GDT Works
  • Things to Remember about GDT
  • Development Exercises
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