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Who is eligible to earn NIMS credentials?

Anyone, anywhere. As long candidates have access to the appropriate equipment and personnel in order to complete the performance and theory assessments.

Last Updated: 12/12/2017

Who is the proctor?

Download the Proctor guide linked below. Proctor responsibilities and registration instructions are found in the guide.
Last Updated: 06/24/2019

Who is the sponsor?

The sponsor is an old term for a role at NIMS that encompassed the responsibilities of Account Administrators and Evaluators.
Last Updated: 12/19/2017

Who needs to be registered before my students or trainees can test?

Before testing begins, NIMS requires your organization to be registered and at least one account administrator, proctor, and evaluator to be registered.
Last Updated: 06/25/2019

Who sets the wage for apprentices? And is there a training wage?

Apprentices are paid on a graduated wages scale that increases to the journey worker level at the end of the apprenticeship. This wage is determined by the employer.
Last Updated: 12/19/2017

Why should I get credentials?

Click on this FAQ to read about multiple benefits.
Last Updated: 12/19/2017
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