Who is an evaluator?

An evaluator is the individual qualified to assess the performance of a candidate. Anyone who used to sign off on paper affidavits should now have an evaluator account with NIMS.

For credentials with prints, this means MET-TEC members. These are the qualifications for MET-TEC members:

  • Actively employed by a metalworking company
  • Experience as a manager, supervisor, metalworker, and/or quality control specialist
  • A minimum of five (5) years of experience in the field
  • Optional: A journey person’s certificate for a metalworking occupation


  • Employers that are ISO certified may enroll their own quality/inspection personnel

Coming in 2019, instructors at educational organizations that earn the Inspector credential may sign off on parts completed by students at their own school. 

For credentials with CARs, this generally means the candidate's instructor, trainer, or supervisor.