NIMS' Credentialing Price Change and NEW Volume Subscription Pricing

PLEASE NOTE that all current price information can be found on our credentialing fees page. This announcement was accurate as of posting, but NIMS may have changed our policy or prices since.

We wanted to share some great news regarding the upcoming credentialing fee changes that will go into effect on July 1, 2019. Based on our customer feedback since we announced the new fee structure, we have adjusted our Volume Subscription Plan to alleviate any significant price changes for our valued customers.

Volume Subscription Plan: 

ANY CREDENTIALING SUBSCRIPTION ORDER FOR 50 USERS OR MORE, WILL ONLY COST $10 PER ADDITIONAL USER (after the first 50). Subscription plans must be purchased for a minimum of 50 users ($5,500) at one time to qualify for the additional volume discount within the purchase year.

NIMS will continue to accept prearranged account codes and credit cards as methods of payment. In addition, please note NIMS is changing to a seat-based subscription for tests.

  • NIMS will no longer charge the $40 Candidate Registration Fee. All registration fees will be included in the seat-based subscription cost.
  • NIMS will no longer charge a “per test” fee.  
  • Test Passes. Candidates who wish to test for only one or two credentials will now purchase one- or two-test passes, valid for one year. 
Test Pass Price
One Test $80
Two Tests $110
  • One-Year Test Subscriptions. One-year subscriptions will be available for fixed prices, with discounts available based on the number of users. Subscriptions will expire one year after purchase and will need to be renewed.  Extensions will be available for an additional cost. Custom combinations are available upon request.
Subscription Price Number of Tests Included
Entry Level (Machining I and Metalforming I) $125 12
Entry Level (ITM I) $125 9
Entry Level (CAM I) $110 3
Advanced Level (All Level II and III) $175 32
Combo: CAM I + Entry Level Machining $45 (+ $125) 3 (+12)

Note: Subscription pricing does not apply to the purchase of OJT Trainer, OJT Senior Trainer, OJT Training Coordinator, and Inspector.  Assessments for all OJT credentials must be purchased individually and separately from bulk credentialing purchases.

  • Volume Pricing Discounts. The discounts mentioned above apply to any subscription purchase.
  • NIMS’ Accredited Programs. NIMS provides a credentialing discount as a benefit of obtaining a NIMS’ national accreditation. All NIMS’ accredited programs receive a 20% discount on credentialing fees for one- and two-test passes and individual subscription purchased only. Discount does not apply to Volume Subscription Plans. Accreditation discount applies to both first-time applicants and renewals.
  • Combined Subscription Discounts. If your organization plans to purchase two or more types of subscription plans (e.g., Machining Level I and ITM Level I), please contact NIMS for combo discount information. 
  • NIMS will no longer offer 1-Year Credentialing/ Unlimited Flat Rate plans.  Volume and bulk discounted prices will be available to high volume testing locations per the above discount structure. For super users with high volume, please contact NIMS for a price quote. 
  • Paper test orders will not be affected by this change. Contact NIMS with any questions.