Accreditation Process

Initial Accreditation

Training programs seeking first-time accreditation will embark on a three-step process:

  1. Review the NIMS standards and credentials, then submit the Accreditation Application with fee for initial accreditation.
  2. Complete a comprehensive Self-Evaluation Kit, which includes a self-assessment, certifications for instructional staff, and other nationally-scaled quality measures. Applicants are permitted three (3) months to complete the kit.
  3. Complete your On-Site Evaluation with the assistance of two designated Advisory Committee Members.

Upon successful completion of the three steps, accreditation is awarded for a five-year term. During that time, training programs are to maintain all quality standards and pay an annual maintenance fee.

Renewal Accreditation

When a training program reaches year four of its five-year accreditation term, it is recommended that the renewal process be kicked off. To renew an existing accreditation, is the same as the initial process.

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