Accreditation Fees

Process Fees

Name Initial and Renewal Applications
Application Fee $1,000
Renewal Application Fee (revised January 2020) $1,000

Maintenance Fee

Accreditation is awarded for a five-year term. During that time, training programs are to maintain all quality standards and pay an annual maintenance fee. This fee allows for essential program maintenance and quality improvements throughout the year.

Name Annual Fee
Maintenance Fee $250


Programs Accredited Before January 1, 2018

Annual fees will not apply to your program for the duration of your current five-year accreditation term. After a current five-year accreditation term expires, programs that opt to renew accreditation will be assessed the annual fee during all future terms.

Active Applicants

Annual fees apply only to programs that are actively accredited by NIMS. Programs that are still in the application, self-study, or on-site evaluation stages are excluded from annual fees.