Prerequisites for Accreditation
Checklist towards Accreditation


The purpose of NIMS national accreditation is to improve the quality of training programs as part of the national endeavor to build and maintain a globally competitive workforce while providing career opportunities to employees.

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Eligible Programs
Programs that meet or exceed NIMS quality standards may be accredited. Those programs may be in industry, education or a combination of both, or inter-firm programs.

  • Educational training programs may be at the secondary or postsecondary level and may be private or public programs.
  • Company training programs include formal training programs developed to train either entry-level workers or incumbent workers, or both.
  • Inter-firm programs include those coordinated through trade associations, labor unions and other companies.


Program Requirements

Accreditation involves a three-step process: registration of the program with NIMS, the completion of a self-study analysis and an on-site audit. There are also credentialing requirements.

  • The Self-Study - Candidate programs rate themselves against NIMS quality measures in the areas of administrative support, instructional quality and capacity, curriculum, equipment and tooling, advisory council roles, safety and the integration of the national standards. 

  • The On-Site Audit - A three -person team comprised of industry and education personnel conduct an on-site review,  verifying the self-study report and documentation. The team interviews administrative and corporate personnel, instructors, students/workers, advisory council members and industry leaders. The team also inspects the facility and equipment and analyzes safety practices.
  • Credentials -Instructors must earn NIMS credentials in the modules that they instruct. Students/workers must have earned credentials in the modules for which accreditation is sought. These requirements are prior to accreditation.
  • Term -The accreditation is for a five-year period and may be renewed subject to further review and audit as part of continuous improvement.
Advantages to Industry Programs

NIMS accreditation sends a powerful message that the program meets national industry standards. This is an important message to internal and external customers, the board of directors, employees, future employees customers and the community at-large.

Advantages to Education/Training Institutions

Achieving NIMS accreditation is also a great tool for educational institutions and also conveys an important message about the quality of the school to parents, the local governing body, state and federal partners, foundations, future students, industry and the local community.

For more information on NIMS Accreditation, please contact Catherine Ross.

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