Smart Solutions Integration Workshop

This workshop is fully customized for each organization. Prior to the workshop, each host will select 1-3 job roles that are the most relevant from the NIMS Smart Standards. Over the course of several days, a NIMS facilitator will lead attendees through illuminating and interactive activities in a fun, fast-paced setting.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to implement NIMS Smart Solutions into the training program​
  • Learn how to interpret standards​
  • Learn how to validate against standards​
  • Learn key training principles and behaviors​
  • Learn the credentialing process​
  • Tour the Testing Center​
  • Take related theory tests

This workshop is intended for company trainers, supervisors, instructors, and anyone who delivers training to new or incumbent employees. 

Workshop Agenda

On Day 1, the workshop will cover the following:

  • NIMS Overview​
  • Workshop Overview​
  • Standards Review​
  • Performance Measure (PM) Development Requirements​
  • Affidavit Requirements​
  • Engagement Process​

On days 2, 3, and/or 4 participants will complete PM Scenario exercises each morning for a job role that was previously selected. In the afternoons, participants will complete theory exams and debrief with instructor at the end of the day.

    Workshop Materials

    • Performance Standards​
    • Credentialing Process Guide​
    • Performance Measure Requirements​
    • Affidavit Requirements​
    • Knowledge Requirements​
    • Sample Test Guide

    Workshop Benefits

    • Working knowledge of NIMS credentialing process
    • Best practices for aligning curriculum with NIMS Smart Solutions Framework 
    • Pathway to earning NIMS credentials 

    Workshop Pricing

    Number of Participants

    2-Day Session

    (includes 1 job role) 

    3-Day Session

    (includes 2 job roles)

    4-Day Session

    (includes 3 job roles)

    Up to 6 $7,995.00 $8,995.00 $9,995.00
    Per Additional (after first 6) $995.00/person $995.00/person $995.00/person
    • All applicable credentials will be included in the above-mentioned pricing.
    • Volume and bulk discounted prices will be available to high volume testing locations. For super users with high volume, please contact NIMS for a price quote.

    Individuals who would like to attend, but do not have a local organization that can host a workshop, are welcome to ask NIMS about workshops with open enrollment. Availability is limited, and it is the hosting organization’s decision whether or not to allow outside individuals to attend their workshop.

    Send your request to attend or host a workshop