NIMS Launches Inspector Credential

NIMS Part Inspection Process

NIMS, alongside partners, Verisurf and Immerse2learn, has launched a pilot for a major break-through in the inspection process of NIMS performance parts, called the NIMS Inspector Credential. This new credential, released in the fall 2018, will allow a much faster, more efficient performance validation for NIMS credentials.

Some key benefits of NIMS Inspector Credential include:

  • Inspect NIMS performance parts at school
  • Dramatically reduce inspection times

According to Montez King, Executive Director of NIMS, “as certification continues to grow and become more recognized in industry, the Inspector Credential helps to address our customers’ needs for a more efficient alternative to inspect NIMS performance parts with more automated inspection capabilities.”

“The results of the testing and feedback from NIMS instructors has been very positive,” said King. “Instructors now have more control over the process of testing and evaluation of student parts while better managing the expectations of students regarding timing to receive NIMS Certification.”

“It is extremely gratifying to be part of bringing the NIMS performance validation solution to the education market; there is such a demand for skilled workers, today, anything that can shorten and improve the training process is a welcome sight,” said Chris Bien, President of Immerse2learn.

Until now, schools offering NIMS Certification training were required to send out all their students’ machined test parts to be inspected and evaluated by a NIMS sanctioned MET-TEC review committee. The individual MET-TEC reviewers are working professionals and volunteer their time, so depending on workloads the process often takes one month or more, holding up final NIMS Certification.

Once the program is launched, this process will be available to all automated inspection software providers as well as open set-up inspection, where appropriate. It is part of NIMS’ continuous improvement process to provide customers, employers, and most importantly, students and workers, with the most efficient and effective credentialing process.

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