Calling Missouri Manufacturing Companies: We Need Your Input!

The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) is partnering with State Technical College for the enhancement of their workforce programs. Labor market data shows that there will be an estimated 2 million jobs unfilled in the next decade. It is critical that we build training programs to equip individuals with the skills needed by employers. NIMS has partnered with State Technical College to ensure students are receiving the proper training. Our first step in this process is to schedule brief phone conversations with manufacturing companies in Missouri. Our goal is to gain more insight into the type of skills sought by employers for current or future job candidates. Below are some of the questions we will ask during this survey:

  • For which manufacturing and machining occupations are you currently hiring? Which are the most challenging positions to fill and why?
  • What is your projected hiring for workers trained in machining in the next few years
  • Which skills are you seeking in new employees?

If you are willing to participate, please e-mail Rush Bishop at, so we can set up a time convenient for you. Thank you for your willingness to participate. Your leadership and input are greatly valued. Your participation will make a direct impact on manufacturing training programs in the state of Missouri.