NIMS Awards First National Accreditation to Murfreesboro Machine Tool Technology Program

Established in 1998, the Machine Tool Technology Program at Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) set a new height in program history by becoming nationally accredited by NIMS as of March 24, 2016.  NIMS Accreditation is the highest benchmark for metalworking training programs in the United States as based on national, industry-written and industry- approved skills standards. 

Led by instructor James (Mike) Schoen, the college met the stringent quality requirements set forth by NIMS which include a program self-audit, the certifying of faculty and students in NIMS national, industry credentials, and demonstration of an effective, ongoing relationship with local industry.  Afterwards an on-site evaluation was conducted by NIMS Lead Evaluator Sam Hart, Education Representative Randy Ragland of TCAT-Hartsville and Industry Representative Ken Potts of Philips Corporation.  During this visit the Evaluation Team inspected the training facility, observed student safety and interviewed faculty, administrators, students and local employers.

As a nationally accredited program TCAT Murfreesboro has publicly demonstrated its commitment to provide industry-level training for not only the nine counties it serves directly but also to the state of Tennessee and for the greater U.S. Manufacturing Industry. 

This accreditation is based on NIMS National Skill Standards for Machining Level I with a focus on the manual machining skills.