NIMS Renews National Accreditation of Somerset Machine Technology Training Program

On March 7, 2016 Somerset County Technology Center (SCTC) renewed the national accreditation of its Machine Technology Program, where secondary students from eight school districts learn manual and computer numerical control (CNC) machining.  NIMS accreditation is the only national benchmark to recognize excellence in metalworking training as based on national industry-written, industry-approved standards.

This national distinction is a demonstration of the Technology Center’s ongoing commitment to provide industry-quality training for the state of Pennsylvania and for U.S. Manufacturing.  Industry employers have come to trust NIMS-accredited training programs, such as SCTC, to provide work-ready and skilled personnel for the next generation.

For twelve years the Machine Technology Program has provided students with the opportunity to earn NIMS credentials that certify entry-level job skills and those efforts have resulted in nearly 500 certifications issued to date.   Leading by example, Instructor Jerry Schimpf holds seven NIMS credentials from the Machining Level I skill group.

Following a rigorous on-site audit by veteran NIMS Evaluator Joan Cook, the program received the above-average scores in the evaluation categories of:

  • Administration Support
  • Equipment, Tooling & Measuring Devices
  • Facilities
  • Instructional Staff
  • Program Features
  • Program Purpose
  • Student Testing Efforts

Reestablishing this industry award secures accreditation for the next five years.

To learn more about this program, contact:

Jerry Schimpf Instructor (814) 443-3651 ext. 6143

To learn more about what skills each NIMS credential certifies, view the NEW Career Pathway Tool.