NIMS Awards First National Accreditation to Mercer County Career Center

Established in 2005, the Precision Production Metals Program at Mercer County Career Center set a new height in program history by becoming nationally accredited by NIMS as of January 14, 2016.  NIMS Accreditation is the highest benchmark for metalworking training programs in the United States as based on national, industry-written and industry-driven skills standards.  

As a nationally accredited program, the center demonstrates its commitment to providing industry-level training for Mercer County and the Mercer Area School District, the state of Pennsylvania, and for the greater U.S. Manufacturing Industry.  Led by Principal Anthony Miller, the center’s staff and faculty have met the stringent quality requirements set forth by NIMS, which include a program self-audit, the certifying of faculty and students in NIMS national, industry credentials, and an intensive two-day on-site evaluation at the center.

The on-site evaluation occurred in November 2015 and was conducted by NIMS Lead Evaluator Norm MacIntyre who was assisted by Education Representative Steve Livergood of Penn State University College of Education.  The visit included a comprehensive facility inspection, observation of student safety habits and a series of in-depth interviews with faculty, administrators, and local employers.

This accreditation is based on NIMS National Skill Standards for Machining Level I with a focus on the manual machining skills.  All NIMS standards and credentials are industry-written and industry-approved.