Vincennes University HTEC CNC Training Center Earns Accreditation

Vincennes University is the oldest provider of public post-secondary education and now home to a state of the art HTEC CNC Training Center, which became officially accredited by NIMS on January 10, 2014.

A mere two years after opening its doors for instructor and adult workforce training, the HTEC CNC Training Center at VU has issued more than 250 NIMS credentials to nearly 100 individuals who enrolled for the purpose of aligning their competencies with today's industry standards for high speed machining.  An impressive Advisory Committee steers the center, with members from major industry leaders such as Haas Automation and Sandvik Coromant.

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Implicit to the mission of the training center, CNC machining skills are central to the accreditation and the following NIMS credentials are paramount within the training curriculum:

  • CNC Milling: Operations I
  • CNC Milling: Programming, Setup & Operations I
  • CNC Milling II
  • CNC Turning: Operations I
  • CNC Turning: Programming, Setup & Operations I
  • CNC Turning II

Led by HTEC Director Doug Bowman, the CNC Training Center excelled in all areas of evaluation as required by NIMS Accreditation Policy.  On December 4-5, 2013 NIMS expert Evaluation Team Leader Joan Cook conducted a comprehensive two-day evaluation of the HTEC Center.  Joan was accompanied by Education Representative James Niehaus of Southern Indiana Career & Technology Center, also accredited by NIMS, and Industry Representative Greg Dickerson of Die Protection Technologies, LLC.  The evaluation team was exceptionally impressed with the program, assigning above average scores in all categories of evaluation, commenting that the "program is poised for great things," and noting the dedication of Director Doug Bowman to create a program that stands to serve the industry immensely.

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Many congratulations and thanks to everyone at the VU HTEC CNC Training Center, especially Director Doug Bowman and Instructor Robert Nash.