Accreditation Renewed at Richmond Senior High School

Keeping up with today’s standards, Richmond Senior High School (RSHS) in Rockingham, NC has renewed the NIMS Accreditation of their Metals Manufacturing Technology I and II Programs as of October 30, 2013.  This is the high school’s second time establishing itself as a NIMS-Accredited institution, as it first set this benchmark in 2007.  NIMS applauds RSHS for its continued commitment to meeting national industry standards for metalworking skills training.  Following a rigorous On Site Evaluation at the high school in early October 2013, NIMS Evaluator Sam Hart was impressed with the program and in his evaluation Hart made special note of Instructor Jeff Pressley's excellent management over the training program.  Kaynor Tech received above-average ratings in all categories of evaluation, with the highest marks falling in the categories of Facilities, Instructional Staff, and Student Credentialing. 

To date RSHS has issued nearly one hundred credentials from NIMS Machining Level I.  This accreditation is in that same skill level, with a focus on the following skills:

  • Measurement, Materials & Safety
  • Job Planning, Benchwork, & Layout
  • Drill Press I
  • Turning Operations: Turning Between Centers
  • Turning Operations: Turning Chucking Skills

Congratulations to everyone involved in this accreditation renewal, especially Instructor Pressley  for coordinating the effort to fulfill the requirements for renewal.  Special thanks also to NIMS evaluator Sam Hart for conducting the on-site visit!   To learn more about this program, please contact Jeff Pressley by email or by phone at (910) 995-1846.