Jane Addams Resource Corp teams with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions to issue NIMS CNC credentials

The Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC) and Trelleborg Sealing Solutions are proud to announce that thirteen (13) Trelleborg employees have passed the NIMS CNC Turning Level 1 exam! This accomplishment is a testament to Trelleborg’s commitment to advancing the skills of their employees and the effectiveness of JARC’s customized, on-site training programs.

The JARC / Trelleborg Partnership

Trelleborg is a Swedish multinational manufacturer of sealants, gaskets, and bushings with 24,000 employees around the world and 6,000 here in the U.S. After purchasing a new facility in Streamwood, IL in 2007, Trelleborg struggled to find CNC Machinists to operate the new CNC machines they had invested in. Committed to retaining their existing workforce, Trelleborg turned to JARC to design and execute customized incumbent worker training classes ranging from math and print reading to CNC Machining and CAD/CAM.

Sectoral Approach to Workforce Development

This project culminated in the development of the CNC Machinist Apprenticeship Program in 2011. The apprenticeship program combines three essential elements: training classes, demonstration of hands-on competencies and relevant industry credentials. Because of the rigorous standards and industry-wide credibility, JARC made the National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) the primary industry credential in the Trelleborg Apprenticeship Program.

JARC Graduates Attaining Third NIMS Credential

In addition to on-site training, Trelleborg has also hired 15 graduates from JARC’s Careers in Manufacturing Program. Two of those graduates earned an additional NIMS credential by passing CNC Turning Level 1 at Trelleborg!