Get Skills to Work Initiative Announced

The Manufacturing Institute joined GE, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Alcoa and other partners to launch a new coalition that aims to train military veterans for jobs in advanced manufacturing. The Get Skills to Work coalition will focus on accelerating skills training for U.S. veterans; helping veterans and employers translate military skills to in-demand advanced manufacturing positions; and, empowering employers with tools to recruit, onboard and mentor veterans.

See the October 15, 2012 Announcement

The Manufacturing Institute will manage two key components of the Get Skills to Work initiative: a skills match made possible through a virtual Military Manufacturing Badge, and accelerated training customized to manufacturing careers. These efforts will help 15,000 veterans translate military experience to corresponding advanced manufacturing opportunities and gain the technical skills needed to qualify for careers in this growing sector.


Military Manufacturing Badges

All veterans have an MOS—a Military Occupational Specialty code—that classifies the job they performed in the service. Until recently, most companies had no easy way to verify the MOS of candidates and determine a match to the skills and abilities needed in civilian jobs. That problem is about to disappear, thanks to new Internet technology for a Military Manufacturing Badge. Just click on the badge and it pulls up the MOS, along with the civilian manufacturing skills the veteran candidate demonstrated in the military. Candidates with priority skills such as welding and machining are now available at the click of a mouse. Manufacturers will connect directly with military bases and Badge-holders via an online match on, a new one-stop resource for jobs in the manufacturing industry.

Right Skills Now-Just-In-Time Training

Some returning veterans may not have the skills required for immediate employment, or may wish to up-skill, using their GI Bill benefits, before taking a civilian job. That’s why the second component of this coalition focuses on accelerated training toward a manufacturing career. Right Skills Now offers just-in-time training, allowing individuals to earn college credit and national industry certifications in as few as 16 weeks, preparing them for immediate employment in high-quality manufacturing jobs and giving them a solid foundation to advance in higher education and careers.