First NIMS CNC Milling Level 1 Class at VU a Success!

VU HTEC Training Center February 22 - February 24, 2011

February 22-24 marked the first ever CNC Milling Level 1 NIMS class in the new HTEC training center at Vincennes University. Candidates from the Crane Army Ammunition Activity in southern Indiana completed the online portion of the training prior to coming to VU for the hands-on training and testing.

On the third day of the training the candidates successfully programmed, set up, and machined the NIMS level 1 credential project 100% within the tolerances on the print. The members of the Metalworking Technical Evaluation Committee probed and inspected the parts, and signed the Machining Performance Affidavit, enabling the candidates to be eligible to take the online theory exam.

"I was very impressed with the hard work and determination of the group" added instructor Doug Bowman, "I wasn't suprised that they passed the machining performance test, but I am very pleased that they did, they definitely earned it."

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