NIMS-Endorsed Precision Machining Technology Textbook Arrives!

The highly anticipated, NIMS-endorsed Precision Machining Technology Textbook from Delmar Cengage has officially arrived and is on the market for secondary and post-secondary/adult metalworking training programs alike.

Beginning with the first section, "Introduction to Machining," the textbook builds its foundation on essential workplace skills and safety, then takes the reader through manual skills, before closing with more advanced CNC and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Machining (CAM) skills. 

The textbook, which is a first of its kind, covers all eleven skills areas of NIMS Machining Level I and includes NIMS Standards and Credentials to supplement manual and Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) skills. Those skill areas include:

  • Measurement, Materials & Safety                                
  • Grinding Skills
  • Job Planning, Benchwork & Layout                              
  • CNC Milling Operator
  • Turning Skills: Turning Between Centers                       
  • CNC Turning Operator-Turning Skills:  Chucking                                 
  • CNC Milling: Programming & Setup Operations
  • Manual Milling Skills                                                   
  • CNC Turning: Programming & Setup Operations
  • Drill Press Skills

Special thanks to the four authors, all of whom have worked with and supported NIMS for years, for their outstanding contribution to the publication of this book and to the betterment of precision machining training in the United States:

  • Peter J. Hoffman, Berks Career & Technology Center - West Campus (Leesport, PA)
  • Eric S. Hopewell, Berks Career & Technology Center - West Campus (Leesport, PA)
  • Brian Janes, Bowling Green Technical College (Bowling Green, KY)
  • Kent M. Sharp, Jr., Radford High School (Radford, VA) & New River Community College (Dublin, VA)