Pittsburgh NTMA Graduates 35 Apprentices

In 2009, Pittsburgh, PA proudly proclaimed itself the” City of Champions.” On June 16, 2010, 20 companies and 35 of the nation’s brightest young persons demonstrated talent and leadership far beyond the sports arena.  These 35 are the newest graduates from the regional apprenticeship program sponsored by the Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Association.  The success of Pittsburgh NTMA program is one of cooperation and collective hard work.

It is overseen by a 16-person Chapter Steering Committee and incorporates NIMS accredited training programs at the Central Westmoreland Career & Technology Center and the Steel Center Area Vocational Technical School with a combined 18 instructors. The program is administered by the non-profit New Century Careers. Nine companies provide volunteer personnel for the Metalworking Technical Committee that evaluate the NIMS performance parts. Most importantly, the program’s high degree of success results from the participating companies who have the wisdom and foresight to invest in the apprentices.

NTMA Chapter Executive Edward J. Sikora, Jr. noted that that the program “was one of the first in the country to recognize the importance of NIMS competency based credentials and to incorporate NIMS as part of the training process."  He told the graduates, who collectively earned 104 NIMS credentials, “These credentials are recognized across the country as proof of your skills.”

The 35 graduates heard from NTMA National Chair Russel Reschke, CEO of Metal Processors, Inc. who delivered the keynote address.  Phyllis Miller of Hamill Manufacturing Company is chair of the Apprenticeship Steering Committee.  Kevin Hartford of Alle-Kiski Industries is the Chapter President.