Crossing Oceans To Support Our Servicemen & Women

Recently NIMS has seen an increase in credentialing among men and women in the US Army, and particularly among those who are stationed outside of the country.  Among these is Sergeant Jason Makepeace, who is currently deployed to Iraq and contacted NIMS in September.

Originally from Independence, Iowa, SGT. Makepeace has grown up with a fondness for metalworking, so when his Platoon Sergeant urged him to continue polishing his professional skills, he contacted NIMS Accreditation Manager Catherine Ross to learn more about the Credentialing Program.  Since then, SGT. Makepeace has not only earned five NIMS machining credentials, but he has established a testing center at his location in Iraq, enabling others to follow in his footsteps if they so choose.

“NIMS has helped me create a solid foundation I will be able to build on,” said SGT. Makepeace when asked about his experience with the Credentialing Program.

SGT. Makepeace is not alone in his ambition and drive to match his skills to the industry standards.  In the past two months, NIMS has received inquiries from SGT. Shane B. Lemus, who is in the same company as SGT. Makepeace, and SPC Derrick Wyatt, both of whom are in Iraq.  Their efforts are an unprecedented occurrence in NIMS history and proof that NIMS Credentials can be earned anytime, anywhere.

The entire NIMS community congratulates these young people for their determination to succeed in metalworking, and we send our heartfelt thanks to the servicemen and women who fight for what they believe in everyday, both abroad and at home.