Employers are often faced with On-the-Job Training (OJT) regardless of who or where they recruit employees. This is due to the unique specificity of their workplace tasks. 

Most employers agree that OJT is an effective way to transfer knowledge and skills across an organization. This method can return a workforce qualified to satisfy production requirements. This is nothing new to employers, as most organizations have some form of OJT, whether formal or informal.

Government agencies recognize OJT as apprenticeships if aligned to their prescribed systems. These systems include OJT and other components such as related theory and regulatory policies.

NIMS helps employers unbiasedly discover their training systems and methods through our Smart Training Solutions. Your training solution will determine if official recognition is beneficial for your organization.

What is a Modernized Apprenticeship?

Employers are constantly faced with optimizing their operational processes and investing in the latest technologies to remain profitable. The most successful training programs are those that are aligned to the operational needs of the organization. Modernized apprenticeships conform to operations and quality is measured based on the closeness of that alignment.


How does NIMS help employers with Apprenticeship?