NIMS Smart Training Solutions

Understanding the "Complexity Gap"

The Complexity Gap is a reality that manufacturers are facing as they prepare their workforce for the next industrial revolution. This Gap is widening as the velocity of emerging technologies demands that workers learn and perform higher level of skills for specific job duties. Existing standards and training programs live in a rigid framework that is not aligned to the realities of the Gap employers continue to face.

To remain competitive, employers need agile workers and training programs that allow new job duties to be introduced and accomplished at a faster pace. While 30 years ago, a worker was expected to master 75% of their occupation throughout their tenure, with today’s expanding technology, the average employee cannot master even half of their occupational duties within a 30-year career.

Therefore, instead of training employees for occupations, employers are shifting to train toward specific job roles within an occupation. Most employers are no longer focusing on long-term training tracks of 4-5 years. The future is short-term specific job role training that can stack into a masterful career.

NIMS Smart Training Solutions

We at NIMS have built upon this trend applying the concepts of modularity and adaptability in training and performance validation as we developed our new framework. Its customizable format is aligned with manufacturers on the smart manufacturing journey and it is created with job roles, not occupations.

Smart Standards

Highly customized and all standardized, Smart Standards enable proper training for employees in a world where technology emerges and changes faster than an average individual can master in their career span. They reveal job roles and adapt to ever-changing technology and workforce requirements.

Smart Training Principles

NIMS has identified 7 Smart Training Principles, which are universal and timeless constants for high quality customized training programs that should be the core of apprenticeship programs. These Principles enable all stakeholders (trainees, trainers, and organizations) to develop highly customized training programs and provide the foundation for developing Performance Measures which are a collection of resources and digital tools that identify key metrics required for true validation of performance. They measure performance of all stakeholders in a community and reveal end performance, which provides clarity, transparency and unification between all stakeholders. 

These principles and their related behaviors are outlined in the Ultimate Guide to Enhancing Your Training, written by Montez King. This book will help you understand the universal principles that guide NIMS philosophy on making your OJT program the best that it can be. By employing Smart Training Principles and true performance validation, NIMS helps employers establish state-of-the-art apprenticeship programs that support the entire community. 

Smart Performance Measures

In order to properly define, validate, and benchmark employee performance, the Smart Performance Measure framework provides the communication mechanisms needed among all stakeholders in an employer’s stakeholder community: Organizations, Trainers, and Trainees. They measure performance of each stakeholder and reveal end performance, which provides clarity, transparency, and unification of the applied learning.

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