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Newly Accredited: Workshops for Warriors

At Workshops for Warriors, veterans of the armed services are trained in machining and welding skills and placed in industry jobs.

In the two years since opening the doors to its metalworking training facility in San Diego, Workshops for Warriors has served more than two hundred of our country's veterans, making it an unquestionable candidate for NIMS Accreditation - which was officially awarded to the training center on Wednesday, April 17, 2013.  Based on industry-set standards for quality, NIMS Accreditation is the highest benchmark a precision machining program can receive within the United States.

Possibly breaking the NIMS record for the fastest accreditation process to date, the staff and faculty at Workshops for Warriors completed all requirements for accreditation in less than nine months - a feat that is not often achieved by education institutions or industry training programs alike.  Requirements of accreditation include a Self-Evaluation, Faculty Credentialing Requirement, Student Credentialing Requirement, and a two-day On-Site Evaluation at the Workshops facility.  Led by retired Naval Officer turned Workshops for Warriors President HernĂ¡n Luis y Prado, the program passed all of these hurdles with flying colors.

The On-Site Evaluation occurred on March 25-26 and was conducted by a three-person NIMS Evaluation Team, which included:

NIMS Certified Evaluation Team Leader Mark Lashinske

Education Representative Ron Way

Industry Representative Scott Howes

After a thorough facility inspection and interviews with all involved parties, the Evaluation Team was highly complementary of Workshops for Warriors, giving the program high ratings in the evaluation areas of:

Program Purpose
Equipment, Tooling, and Measuring Devices
Program Features
Program Administration / Management
Program Instructional Staff / Trainers
Advisory Committee

This accreditation is in Level I Machining, with a focus on four main skills credentials, which many trainees have already earned since machinist training began just three months ago, in January 2013. Those skills areas include:

Drill Press I
Job Planning, Benchwork & Layout
Measurement, Materials & Safety
Milling I

Congratulations to the team at Workshops for Warriors and many thanks to the NIMS Evaluation Team.

Visit Workshops for Warriors online to learn more about the exceptional training opportunities available to veterans through this program.

View Trainees with NIMS Credentials


NIMS Evaluation Team Members:

NIMS Certified Evaluation Team Leader Mark Lashinske - Manufacturing Manager for Modern Industries (AZ)

Education Representative Ron Way - Manufacturing Consultant for
El Camino College (CA)

Industry Representative Scott Howes - Vice President of Operations for
TCI Precision Metals (CA)


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