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Newly Accredited: Technical Employment Training, Inc.

NIMS is pleased to announce the official accreditation of the Manufacturing Training Program at Technical Employment Training, Inc. (TET) in San Bernardino, California!  Since first applying for accreditation in September 2010, the staff and faculty at TET have met NIMS standards and will continue to set the bar for exceptional metalworking training in the state of California.

To complete the accreditation audit, an On-Site Evaluation took place at the TET facility on October 29-30, 2012, and was conducted by NIMS Board member and Evaluation Team Leader Mark Lashinske of Modern Industries in Phoenix, Arizona.  Assisting mark were Scott Howes, Vice President of Operations at TCI Precision Metals in Gardena, CA, and Ron Way, Manufacturing Advisor for El Camino College in Torrance, CA, which is in the process of renewing its accreditation with NIMS.

The audit at TET included a facility inspection of the metalworking shop, as well as a host of in-depth interviews with trainees, trainers, administrators, program advisory committee members, and local employers.  Following these events and the correction of cited areas in need of improvement, accreditation was officially awarded by NIMS on January 30, 2013.  The program received its highest evaluation ratings in the area of Instructional Staff/Trainers, with the Evaluation Team specifically mentioning Instructor Broholm's noteworthy competency in the CNC skills he is teaching.

This accreditation is in Level I Machining Skills, with an emphasis on:

  • -Measurement, Materials & Safety
  • -Job Planning, Benchwork, & Layout
  • -Milling I (manual)
  • -Drill Press I
  • Grinding I
  • -Turning Operations: Turning Between Centers
  • -Turning Operations: Turning Chucking
  • -CNC Milling: Programming, Setup & Operations
  • -CNC Turning: Programming, Setup & Operations

Congratulations to everyone involved in this process, especially President Dr. William Clarke and Operations Manager Virginia Martinez for working actively to secure this accreditation.   Special thanks to the Evaluation Team as well, without whom this would not be possible!

To learn more about this program, click the link above or contact Virginia Martinez.


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