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Accreditation Renewed at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School

We are pleased to announce that for the second time since 2006, the CAD/CAM Program at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School (Taunton, MA) has been awarded NIMS Accreditation for excellence in metalworking training.  By maintaining their status as a NIMS-accredited program, the staff and faculty at Bristol-Plymouth have proven continued commitment to maintaining high standards for metalworking training in the state of Massachusetts and for the greater industry in the United States.

Led by NIMS Team Leader Norm MacIntyre, a one-day On-Site Evaluation occurred at the community college facility on December 10, 2012 which concluded with Mr. MacIntyre's recommendation to officially renew the college training program's accreditation.  Combined with evidence of the program's continuous efforts to credential students, NIMS officially renewed the accreditation on December 27, 2012.  In his final evaluation report, Mr. MacIntyre noted that "this is a strong program in a strong system.  Staff are competent and eager and are supported well by the district and the state.  This auditor has not seen a more well-balanced program."

This program is accredited in the following skills areas:

  • -Measurement, Materials & Safety
  • -Job Planning, Benchwork & Layout
  • -Milling I (manual)
  • -Drill Press I

Congratulations to everyone involved in this process, especially Instructor Michael Rose for his efforts towards the accreditation renewal process and to maintaining high standards in training overall.  Special thanks to Norm MacIntyre for leading this evaluation.

To learn more about this program, contact Instructor Michael Rose by email or by phone at (508) 823-5151.


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