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    Two Campuses of Robert C. Byrd Institute in West VA Awarded Re-Accreditation
As of today, the Machinist Technology Programs at the Bridgeport, WV campus and Rocket Center, WV campus of the Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing are officially re-accredite
02/25/2010 15:18 PM EST

    Now Accredited: Reading Muhlenberg Career & Technology Center
Left to Right: Allison Larson, Supervisor of Curriculum; Andrew Klein, Machine Tool Technology Teacher; Gerald (Jere) P. Witmer, Jr., Administrative Director NIMS is pleased to announce the official
02/24/2010 14:13 PM EST

    Giving Your Trainees Tools They Need to Succeed
If you've taken an exam through the NIMS Online Testing Center, then you might have noticed that many of our online exams have questions that require reference material - reference materials that can
02/24/2010 14:13 PM EST

    Petaluma High School Program Sets the Bar for California with Accreditation
Congratulations to the Metalworking Technology Program at Petaluma High School on their recent Accreditation Award, making Petaluma the only NIMS-Accredited secondary program in the state of Californi
02/22/2010 16:14 PM EST

    Old Colony RVT High School Awarded Re-Accreditation
Congratulations to the Machine & Tool Technology Program at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School of Rochester, Massachusetts on earning NIMS Re-Accreditation this past month! This is
02/09/2010 10:17 AM EST