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    Accreditation Renewed at Prosser Career Academy
We are pleased to announce that for the second time since 2002, and as of Tuesday, November 8, 2011, the Machine Technology Program at the Prosser Career Academy has been awarded NIMS Accreditation fo
12/08/2011 14:22 PM EST

    Accreditation Renewed at Central PA Institute of Science & Technology
Keeping up with today’s industry skills standards, the Precision Machine Program at the Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science & Technology (CPI) in Pleasant Gap, PA has renewed its NIMS Accreditat
12/06/2011 09:30 AM EST

    Accreditation Renewed at Lincoln County Area Technology Center
We are pleased to announce that for the second time since 2005, and as of Monday, November 7, 2011, the Machine Tool Technology Program at the Lincoln County Area Technology Center (ATC) has been awar
12/06/2011 09:30 AM EST

    Right Skills Now: A Fast Track Manufacturing Training Program to Bridge the Skills Gap
Right Skills Now is a fast track precision manufacturing training program designed to enable both job seekers and employers meet the current demand for skilled workers. The program features four NIM
11/17/2011 11:09 AM EST

    Pilot Companies Wanted for 21st Century NIMS Competency-based Apprenticeship Programs
NIMS has completed new competency-based apprenticeships for Machinist, CNC Machinist CNC Operator, Tool and Die Maker and Mold Maker. Companies are now sought to pilot these new and exciting approache
11/10/2011 11:16 AM EST