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Job Title: Production Trainee
Company Name: Anoplate Corporation
Contact Person: Christy LeClair
Business Phone: 315-471-6143
City: Syracuse
State: New York
Website URL:
Qualifications: -Possess a superior work ethic and the ability to treat co-workers with respect. -Be dependable, including having good attendance and no history of being absent or late excessively for work. -Support company quality and safety initiatives. -Possess the required skills to perform the job in a satisfactory manner. -A high school degree or GED is required. -Be able to perform the physical aspects of the job. -Be able to pass our pre-employment screening including a drug test.
Job Description: No prior skills or experience necessary to join us as a production trainee – just a desire to work hard and learn a craft. We will teach you the skills you need to be successful here at Anoplate. This will include learning to follow both written and visual instructions, processing, racking, and packing of products, sand blasting, general cleaning and rinsing of parts, plugging, masking, or any other part of the basic production routine. The initial portion of our PAID training program is 10 – 12 weeks, during which time, trainees will be required to complete several different types of training both in the classroom and on-the-job. In our “pay for performance” environment, your progression depends on how quickly and efficiently you learn these tasks.
Email Address:
NIMS Credentials: Preferred