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Job Title: CNC Technician
Company Name: Manpower of Waldorf, MD
Contact Person: Roxanne Hollingsworth
Business Phone: 301.932.8444
City: Waldorf, MD
State: Maryland
Website URL:
Qualifications: MINIMUM JOB REQUIREMENTS: • High school diploma or GED required. • Two to three years experience operating CNC machining centers or technical school equivalent • Educated in mathematics and knowledge of Geometric Tolerance. • Ability to read and write basic CNC programs and use Windows base software, MS Excel, MS Word. • Understanding of the principles of CNC machine operations. (Ex. Cartesian Coordinate System). • Ability to recognize problems with machines, be proactive to machining problems and keep count of parts produced daily by performing basic mathematical calculations. • Must be able to lift up to 40 pounds and transporting up to a distance of 20 feet. • Work is performed while standing and requires constant walking back and forth from machine to machine within workstations. Must be able to perform duties while working in confined areas and seasonal temperatures. • Requires working with or around oils, coolants, and cleaning solutions. Work area may have uneven or slippery floor conditions. • Requires delicate and highly controlled muscular movements to locate small components in fixtures and vises.
Job Description: DESCRIPTION: Perform necessary machining operations to produce product that meets company quality specifications while following standard operating procedures to achieve production quotas. Constantly monitor the CNC control module, checking to see if any problems exist and to ensure that the machine tools run in a steady, continuous manor. Position substrate in vises or fixtures on a CNC machine, lathe, milling machine, or other - set the controls, and let the computer make cuts. Detect problems by listening for specific sounds, a dull cutting tool or excessive vibration. Ensure that the work piece is being properly lubricated and cooled also visually inspect parts for abnormalities to detect broken or worn tools. Utilize tolerance gauges and CMM reports, to ensure that production maintains quality specifications. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Assign workers to workstations in order to meet production requirements. Monitor production and adjust work assignments, supply of material, and machine operation when necessary. Confer with supervisor to receive instructions and exchange production information. Train workers in equipment operation. Perform duties of operators as required to maintain production. Properly assemble and pre-set tooling to be loaded into CNC machines. Make tool changes and machine adjustments (offsets) as per results of gauging and CMM read outs. Monitor the machining of raw materials using calibrated instruments, CMM and graphic instructions (blueprints, process sheets, CMM reports, etc.) to ensure products meet quality standards. Simultaneously operate various CNC machine centers in multiple workstations. Clean machine fixtures and load raw material. Prepare parts by deburring, sanding or cleaning for fixture placement. Report errors in production and performance. Monitor tool management systems. Maintain workstation including cleaning equipment and work area. Perform preventative maintenance on machines. Operate a variety of workstations and start up and shut down machines.
Email Address:
NIMS Credentials: Preferred