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Job Title: Order Processing Cell Coordinator
Company Name: Boston Centerless, Inc.
Contact Person: Diane Ferrera
Business Phone: 781-994-5000
City: Woburn
State: Massachusetts
Website URL:
Qualifications: REQUIREMENTS / BACKGROUND: •Must have a metallurgic degree or equivalent work experience with multiple material types, alloys and specifications •Excellent working knowledge of ASTM and AMS materials specifications and requirements. •Experience with specifications and requirements for medical implant, automotive, military and aerospace industries as pertains to material selection and specifications. •Background in production scheduling and setting flexible priorities to allow manufacturing opportunities to optimize efficiency.
Job Description: This position manages the process to release job orders (JOs) to the manufacturing floor, including manufacturing router selection, raw material verification and scheduling JO completion dates to meet customer deliveries. As part of the JO release, the individual will verify that raw material Certificates of Analysis comply with customer specifications to assure material availability, complete documentation and heat control complies with BC and customer requirements. The individual will be required to represent production control and work with the materials and manufacturing groups to coordinate work flow through manufacturing to support priorities and manufacturing efficiency with careful attention to minimizing delays from sales order entry to work order release, while maintaining adequate lead time for the manufacturing processes to meet original customer promised delivery dates. RESPONSIBILITIES: •Review and authorize Sales Orders from “Waiting Approval” status to “Open” status. •Create Job Orders in ERP system. •Review material specification requirements and verify supplier purchase orders match customer requirements •Perform “Job Order Release” function, print and create job order packet for the shop floor. •Perform Certification Review and assure full documentation and compliance to customer and BC specifications. •Identify expedited job orders and communicate appropriately to shop floor as required. •Submit additions to Item Master to material manager as required. •Assure material data including heat, test and process certifications meet BC, ASTM and customer requirements. •Monitor and update BC jobs report. •Process all ICN’s in a timely fashion and communicate to the appropriate individuals. •Maintain open communication with sales to assure accurate and timely communication with customers.
Email Address:
NIMS Credentials: Preferred