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Job Title: CNC Press Brake Operator - E1175
Company Name: Earl Industries, LLC
Contact Person: Rick Merkle
Business Phone: 757-558-0782
City: Portsmouth
State: Virginia
Website URL:
Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent. Minimum 5 years CNC machining experience in a shop environment. Completion of formal apprenticeship program or training program (NIMS training preferred). Able to read and interpret blueprints, sketches, or product specifications to determine sequence and methods of fabricating, assembling, and installing sheet metal products. Proficient in the use of various hand tools as necessary to achieve finish requirements. Close attention and care is required to prevent damage to machine tools. Mental, visual and physical effort required. We are an EEO/AA Employer!
Job Description: Plans, lays out, assembles, installs, and repairs sheet metal parts, equipment, and products, utilizing knowledge of working characteristics of metallic and nonmetallic materials, machining, and layout techniques. Proficient in the use of hand tools, power tools, machines, and equipment to achieve finish requirements. Selects gauges, types, and quantities of materials according to product specification. Lays out and marks dimensions and reference lines on material, using scribes, dividers, squares, tape / ruler, and protractors, applying knowledge of shop mathematics and layout techniques to develop and trace patterns of product or parts. Sets up and operates fabricating machines. Shapes metal material over anvil, blocks, or other forms, using heat, and hand tools. Cuts, grinds, files, deburrs, smoothes, and polishes surfaces using hand, and power tools. Welds, solders, rivets, screws, bolts, caulks and bonds component parts to assemble products using hand, and power tools, and equipment. Installs assemblies in supportive framework according to blueprints, and sketches, using hand tools, power tools, and lifting, and handling devices. Responsible for keeping work area, machines, and equipment safe, clean, and in good working order. We are an EEO/AA Employer!
Email Address:
NIMS Credentials: Preferred