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Job Title: Lead Turn Mill Machinist
Company Name: Level 8 LLC.
Contact Person: Kevin Siddle
Business Phone: 618-476-3200
City: Millstadt
State: Illinois
Website URL:
Qualifications: Multi-axis machining experience. GibbsCAM experience preferred. Turn-Mill experience preferred. Capability to adjust models in Solidworks. Capability to take a part from print to completion.
Job Description: Level 8 LLC is looking for an experienced lead machinist to help reach production in a growing shop. Shop is located east of St. Louis, MO Job Duties: 1. Review work orders and CAD files to determine production methods and sequence of operations as well as materials and tools required. 2. Ability to draw and model complex 3D shapes in Solidworks. 3. Provide estimates for raw materials, tooling, and cycle time to support the efforts of sales department. 4. Complete setup and process control of Fanuc 31i Model A mill/ turn, Haas vertical mill, and Swiss screw machine with Fanuc Ot. 5. Set up machines, load part into machine and adjust controls according to type of material used and written guidelines. 6. Prove out setups and produce a pilot work piece and verify conformance of machined work piece to specifications using measuring instruments, such as appropriate gauges, test fixtures, calipers and micrometers to make necessary adjustments. 7. Operate machinery and inspect parts to insure parts being produced meet print. 8. Troubleshoot production problems to include adjusting and replacing dull or damaged tooling and fixtures. 9. Review production methods and improved processes on key production jobs in order to reduce cycle time. 10.Perform preventive maintenance to maintain and lubricate machine tools and equipment. 11.Maintain a consumable tool inventory required to support production. 12.Maintain a raw material inventory required to support production. Including ordering material, ordering heat treat, and any other post processing required. Maintaining a vendor base for tooling, raw material, lubricants, and post processing or finished goods. 13.Ability to immediately program vertical mill using GibbsCAM for complex surfacing and 3D machining. Ability to train on and then operate a swiss screw machine. Ability to train on, program, and then operate a 9 axis mill turn. Pay will be based on experience with the above areas of need. Please e-mail a copy of your resume to ksiddle@level8llc(dot)com
Email Address:
NIMS Credentials: Preferred