CAM Turning I Performance Measure

Resource Description

As part of the new Performance Measure model, CAM Turning I has the following performance files:

Performance Measure Component Document Name Intended Audience
Performance Agreement CAM Level I Standards Instructor/Trainer
Delivery Project Script Instructor/Trainer
Delivery Evaluation Checklists Instructor or Evaluator
Project Programming Instructions Candidate
Project CAM Turning I STEP Files and Prints Candidate (Evaluator needs prints only)
Data Ask NIMS for link to data tool Evaluator
Reports Ask NIMS for link to data tool Instructor, Candidate
Reproduction N/A N/A

The actual validation method is part verification by MET-TEC or an instructor with the Inspector credential. Someone other than the candidate must run the program in a physical machine using the deliverables from the candidate and produce the parts to 100% specifications. The machine operator can only perform fine tuning to speeds and feeds; no geometry or workholding changes or markups on documentation are allowed by the operator to bring the part into specification.