IRAP Approval Process

Initial Application

  1. Complete Initial Application Process
  2. Application is received. NIMS issues an invoice for $2500.
  3. Sponsor remits payment of $2500.
    • Please note: $2500 fee covers one apprenticeable occupation. Each additional occupation is $500.
  4. Sponsor is emailed the IRAP template documents for NIMS review.
  5. Sponsor works with NIMS to complete the IRAP template and returns to NIMS.

Approval Process

  1. Template is completed and accepted by NIMS.
  2. NIMS notifies Sponsor by email. Requests any additional documents (if needed).
  3. All documents are collected, reviewed and approved.
  4. Formal approval communication and digital IRAP certificate are emailed to Sponsor.
  5. Formal framed IRAP certificate is sent to address on the application.

Annual Maintenance Process

  1. NIMS provides Annual Report form that will need to be completed and returned to NIMS by a specified date, yearly.
  2. Failure to submit the annual report by the date specified can result in IRAP suspension or termination.
  3. A $500 per year maintenance fee will be charged for essential program maintenance and quality improvements throughout the year.
  4. IRAP approval status is awarded for a five-year term.

Appeals and Complaints 

Any IRAP employers, sponsors, or apprentices may file an official appeal or complaint with NIMS.

NIMS accepts IRAP applications year-round