Enhance Your Training Program

By working with many employers throughout the country, NIMS has identified 7 Smart Training Principles, which are universal and timeless constants associated with high performing training programs. These principles are further broken down into 56 training behaviors used to carry out on-the-job (OJT) training.  While universal, these principles and behaviors are not designed to be a one-size-fits-all. Each organization can adopt and prioritize the behaviors that meet their needs. This enable employers to develop highly customized training programs.

NIMS engages with employers by taking them on a journey to enhance their training programs. Each step within our engagement process has a fork in the road for employers to end their journey with a positive Return-On-Investment. 

Employer Engagement Process

Step 1: Familiarize

Read our training guidebook, Ultimate Guide to Enhancing your Training Program, to familiarize yourself with universal training principles and behaviors.

Access the Ultimate Guide to Enhancing Your Training Program

Step 2: Discover

Take our online self-evaluation to discover your training principles. Your results will reveal your principles and help you to discover gaps between your company’s current and desired training. Please contact us for the link to the free evaluation after you have reviewed the guidebook.

Outcome: Better understand the effectiveness of your OJT training system.

Step 3: Analyze

Participate in a one-day consultation session to evaluate the results of your self-evaluation and training behaviors and determine if enhancements are needed.

Outcome: Receive a customized training playbook to use as your road map for enhancements. 

Step 4: Enhance

NIMS will support the development and implementation of plays within your playbook. 

Outcome: Enhanced training program 

Step 5: Recognize

NIMS will work with your organization to develop a plan to formally recognize all stakeholders.

Outcome:  Organization and its members are credentialed for achieving desired workforce performance.

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