Enhance Your Training Program

Our seven step process will help your organization customize training solutions and performance measures pertinent to your community.

1. Self-Evaluation

NIMS Self-Evaluation will help your organization better understand the effectiveness of its on-the-job training programs. Your results will illustrate gaps between your company’s current and desired training behaviors. Your results will also highlight specific areas where changes or enhancements may have the maximum impact.

NIMS is offering free Self-Evaluations to organizations seeking to maximize their training program efficacy. 

2. Role Building

Your organization may select or customize existing NIMS roles to ensure each one is relevant to your organization’s needs.

3. Expressions

Performance Measures (PMs) are practical experiences that validate an individual can perform all duties required of his/her role. Expressions are PMs tailored to your organization’s unique specifications and tolerances, accurately reflecting what your trainees will face on the job. NIMS provides a framework to select or design Expressions that validate trainee performance. Organizations may use Expressions to measure trainee and trainer performance against established benchmarks.

4. Train-the-Trainer

NIMS offers workshops to help industry experts become more effective trainers.  Trainers will learn to interpret standards, execute training as a learner, extract experiences, and translate those experiences into instructions for trainees.

5. Enhancements

NIMS breaks down training principles into 56 practical behaviors. NIMS can work with your organization to design strategies to implement chosen behaviors. 

Steps 3, 4 and 5 may be undertaken in any order or concurrently

6. Recognition

NIMS will work with your organization to develop a credentialing plan as a way to recognize organization members for achieving desired workforce performance.

7. Post-Evaluation

Your organization's stakeholders will reevaluate training programs after Enhancements and provide feedback on NIMS services. 

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