CAM Milling I Performance Measure

Resource Description


CAM Milling Programmer plans and programs parts requiring multiple operations on CNC milling machine. Performance evaluated by physical setup, machining, and verification of parts.

PM Profile Attributes  
Number PN-MAC002A
Name Edge Clamps
PA ID PA-000001
Publisher NIMS
Author NIMS
Occupation Machining
Industry General
Recognition CAM Milling Programmer Credential
Exclusivity Public
Revision A

Project Description

This PM is designed to measure the performance of a CAM Milling programmer candidate in a scenario where a family of similar parts requiring multiple operations must be planned and programmed for CNC milling equipment using 2.5-axis milling applications.

Given CAD models and detail drawings for three related components along with a list of available equipment and tooling, CAM Milling Programmer candidate creates a process plan, NC programs, and setup documentation with sufficient level of detail and accuracy so that a qualified operator, following all instructions, and with minimal adjustments, can successfully manufacture the components. Programmer candidate must also compare CAD models to drawings and modify 3D models to meet all drawing requirements.

Evaluation method includes set up and machining of parts by a qualified operator (other than the candidate/trainee), followed by successful verification of machined parts by a MET-TEC or Trainer with the NIMS Inspector Credential.