"With the NIMS certification they can be hired by our industry partners"

-Tom Steinbach, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Instructor, Wheeling High School

Manufacturing News recently featured Wheeling High School's Manufacturing Engineering program, where students earn two NIMS national machining credentials while working towards their diplomas.  In the past two years more than thirty students have earned our Measurement, Materials & Safety and Job Planning, Benchwork & Layout credentials, both of which all under the Machining Level I category that is designed to certify individuals in entry-level machinist skills.

The two national credentials issued at Wheeling High School are among the most popular NIMS certifications being earned by secondary students across the United States. Both credentials certify essential on-the-job skills that employers are demanding from machine operators, programmers, and engineers.  Possession of NIMS Machining Level I credentials provides hiring managers with proof of a new employee's competency and, ultimately, of the value that he or she will bring to the company.

In 2012 alone NIMS issued nearly 5,000 of these two credentials, but the large number should not undercut the rigorous challenges that each certification prescribes.  The Measurement, Materials and Safety credential requires successful completion of a sixty question theory exam that covers topics such as quality control, process adjustment, general maintenance, industrial safety, and environmental protection.  Taking the difficulty to the next level, the Job Planning, Benchwork and Layout credential includes not just a theory exam, but successful completion of a practical, hands-on requirement.  For this additional performance element the student makes a benchwork part and a layout part by using mildsteel and hand tools. 

To learn more about our Machining Level I Credentials, please visit our Credentialing Info Page.