Mission Statement
SGA / RFP Policies

SGA / RFP Policies

NIMS Participation Policy Regarding Applications for Grant Support and Participation 


To set forth the NIMS policies regarding those applicants who seek NIMS participation or endorsements for the applicants’ applications for financial assistance.

Goals and Objectives:
NIMS is committed to the development of a globally competitive American workforce and is committed to assist the projects that strive to achieve the improvement of the skills and careers of the workforce and that appropriately integrates the NIMS standards and certification in their efforts.

NIMS will only support those applications in which NIMS is a partner and in which there is budget line item for NIMS accreditation and/or certification and the direct involvement of the NIMS organization.

NIMS will consider the direct participation of its staff, members, and associates depending on the goals, objectives, and scope of work of the proposed program/project.

NIMS is a 501 ( c )( 3 ) non profit organization and therefore expects to be compensated for its time and  work within the project. NIMS may, on a case by case basis, provide for contributed services by its members or affiliates.

Prior to its commitment to any program or project, NIMS will have a review of the complete proposal. The applicant organization agrees to have NIMS further review any changes or endorsement prior to submission and changes following the award.

Proposal assistance:
NIMS may provide staff assistance as well as appropriate language to aid applicants in their submission when the applicant had indicated its agreement with the above.