Prerequisites for Accreditation
Checklist towards Accreditation

Prerequisites for Accreditation

Earning NIMS Accreditation

    All NIMS skill standards must be incorporated into the training program's curriculum and program evaluation.

    All trainees must know about the NIMS performance requirements and the NIMS credentialing program opportunities.

    The Advisory Committee must be involved with the Self Study process.

    The Advisory Committee members must review the Performance Requirements (prints and/or CARs) and the sample tests.

    All Advisory Committee members must have their own copies of the Evaluators Guide(s).

    The Advisory Committee must be knowledgeable about the use of NIMS credentials in recruiting and hiring.

    The program must have the support of the administration.

    There must be evidence of an active credentialing program.

    Instructors must have earned NIMS credentials.

    All instructors must have a clear understanding of the credentialing process, including the role of the MET-TEC Committee.

    The facility must meet the applicable OSHA requirements