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First Two On-the-Job Trainer (Train the Trainer) Workshops Scheduled

NIMS has scheduled its first two workshops for the On-the-Job Trainer level of the NIMS OJT System. The first workshop will be May 6-7 in Woburn, MA at Custom Machine and the second will be May 20-21 at the Brooklyn Campus of Hennepin Technical College in Minnesota. Manufacturing Success is co-sponsoring and marketing the Minnesota workshop.

Both workshops will be professionally facilitated by Chuck Guiste of the NIMS Expert Panel and Penn United Technologies.

Participants will gain an understanding of the competencies through theory instruction and related performance demonstration. The first day of the workshops will include an in depth discussion of the theoretical knowledge and the second day of the workshops will include a practical application of the theory.

NIMS Board of Directors President, Gregory Chambers, said that the NIMS OJT system enables " companies to have systems and processes in place to effectively transfer skills from one employee to another."

Interested individuals should contact Cassandra Hoover or 703-352-4971. You can also view more information by clicking here.