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Success at TMA for CNC-Focused Technical Working Group

NIMS Deputy Director James Wall leads a discussion among CNC experts at the Working Group Meeting on Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Last week TMA hosted a technical work group meeting for the purpose of outlining a Credentialing Achievement Report (CAR) for two CNC Operation credentials; Milling and Turning. Guided by NIMS Deputy Director James Wall, the twelve person group put their skills and experience on paper, sharing their know-how with future generations of machinists.

Special thanks to the TMA Education Foundation for sponsoring this event.  Also, thanks to all twelve industry representatives and their companies for their important contribution:
John Addante, Chucking Machine Products
Bill Brubaker, Robert C. Weisheit Co.
Mary Ann Cervinka, Arrow Gear
Dave Geller, Oakton Community College
Dan Kiraly, TMA Director of Education
Jack Krikorian, Rexam Mold Mfg.
George Montejano, Donson Machine Co.
Dave Morgan, Arthur Machinery
Joe Morgan, Arrow Gear
Phil Moss, Komet of America
Dave Okon, TMA Related Theory Instructor
Duane Schreiner, Haumiller Engineering Co.