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Job Title: Adjunct Instructor: CNC Machine Tool Technology
Company Name: Ivy Tech Corporate College
Contact Person: Jen Love-Tillotson
Business Phone: 317-921-4808
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana
Website URL:
Qualifications: •Expertise in CNC Machine operation and ability to convey information effectively. CNC Machine operation knowledge should include CNC mill & lathe set-up and operation; tool identification, set-up, use and maintenance; fixture set-up and operation; CNC troubleshooting and maintenance for operators; precision measurement & gauging; print reading; geometric dimensioning and tolerancing; machining process; statistical process control; quality and cycle time optimization; CNC program operation. •BS/BA degree in technology, chemistry, physics or engineering OR 2) AS/AA degree in technology with a BS/BA degree in supervision, business, or industrial/vocational education with academic preparation appropriate to the course being taught OR 3) BS/BA degree with an advanced level national certification appropriate to the course being taught AND either professional certification in the field OR two years of directly related work experience. •Successful completion of on-site, 3-day Instructor Training. •Demonstrated proficiency with classroom technology as needed. •Demonstrated excellent written and verbal communication skills. •Commitment to promoting academic excellence in students. •Demonstrated ability to assess results and solve problems. •Ability to create a learning environment to maintain student success. •Punctual and detail-oriented with a demonstrated ability to perform assigned tasks.
Job Description: Overriding Expectation: •Demonstrate a strong customer service and/or student advocacy through a positive attitude of approachability, adaptability, strong problem-solving and desire to identify and support student success. •Engage in behaviors that create an inclusive environment in which all people are valued and supported. •Go beyond the easiest or surface answer for a student, or an internal or external customer, and get to the root cause of the problem, question or issue to solve it as quickly and professionally as possible. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES •Teaches and trains classes as assigned in workplace and campus locations within programming designed to meet specific company learning objectives. Teaching and training will utilize contemporary adult learning techniques as are demonstrated in the corporate training arena. Teaching load is dictated by project, or projects. •Presents prepared materials and supervise organized activities. •Teaches assigned class material and facilitates the completion of all certification requirements in accordance with objectives and protocols developed by Ivy Tech and/or the professional certifying body as necessary. •Works a flexible schedule as dictated by the client company training demand. •Participates in faculty meetings involving departmental updates as scheduled. •Maintains records on student attendance, grades, involvement, progress and other information as required. •Develops and reviews materials as necessary for the effective delivery of curriculum. Meets with Corporate College Program Manager and/or Subject Matter Expert as required to develop courseware and curriculum as necessary. •Initiates and follows through on evaluation processes that determines the viability of each and every training program delivered. •Ensures that arrangements are made to provide facilities, materials and equipment necessary for the effective delivery of instruction. •Assists in the identification of facility and equipment needs in the classroom. •Participates in training and professional development as needed. The above list of duties is not to be construed as an exhaustive list. Other duties logically associated with the position may be assigned. All responsibilities will be conducted within the parameters of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
Email Address:
NIMS Credentials: Preferred